What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing enables the inbound marketing process. In inbound marketing and sales, customers find your business more organically, specifically through meaningful engagement on digital platforms.

Content marketing refers to the process of creating content that effectively attracts customers and guides them through the sales process. Effective content marketing follows the sales funnel: awareness stage followed by the consideration stage and ending with a sale.

The reasons why content marketing is important to concern to ongoing changes in customer behavior. More than previous years, modern research indicates that without a solid content marketing strategy, businesses can’t keep up with customer demands and competitors.


What are the Best Practices for Content Marketing Strategy?

The most effective approach to content marketing is by way of using cornerstone content for each stage of the customer funnel. All social media posts, videos, podcasts, etc. flow from the cornerstone content. Businesses that are serious about content marketing work with inbound marketing agencies and content marketing specialists.


Why Content Marketing is so important?

Consumers want content. More than that, they want to retreat to their safe space, understand their problems, and make the right choice the first time when deciding on a solution.

Tied to their smartphones and accustomed to nonstop innovation, today’s consumers and business buyers are more informed and less loyal than their predecessors.

Today’s customers (both in the consumer and business sectors) are hungry for multi-channel interaction (that is, consume information content across a variety of blog, audio, visual, and video content).

Customers take their time when evaluating purchases — whether to compare options online, ask friends on social media for references, or use a different device. Winning customers today requires

Businesses that work together with their customers win the day. Content marketing arms customers with information to help you help them.

Customers that better understand their problem and the solution your business provides creates a new identity in that purchase. Your customers felt like they solved their own problem, even though they paid you money to help them. This is the essence of building trust and loyalty with customers in the 21st Century.

Finally, Content marketing is used to attract and develop a specific target audience with the ultimate goal of creating true customer engagement.  Through using content marketing, you should be striving to change and enhance your customer’s behavior toward your company in a positive manner.  If you consistently deliver valuable information to your customers you will be able to gain their trust and following.

The bottom line is that content marketing is quickly becoming the key to having a successful marketing campaign for your business.  Adjusting your current marketing campaign to include a large portion of content marketing is a great way to get started in 2019.